Comparative Effectiveness of

RA Treatment to Individualize Treatment and

Optimize Patient Outcomes

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To provide the latest basic science, translational, and clinical data to rheumatologists, helping them provide optimal care for their patients with rheumatic diseases

More new rheumatologic therapies have been developed in the last ten years than in the previous half century. Rheumatologists must regularly sift through a vast assortment of therapeutic options and a wealth of clinical trial data. The Rheumatology Education Group is here to bridge the gap between data and practice by providing clinicians with dynamic resources and evidence-based materials. Tregdocs.com is a tool to support our ongoing educational programs as a source of relevant, useful, and timely information; this site is designed to help clinicians select and manage appropriate therapies across the scope of rheumatology.

TREG is a group of rheumatologists with over 300 years of collective experience in clinical practice, research, and education; we hope you like the resources you find here.

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